Gaslands MDF Bases



Laser cut 3mm MDF bases

These Unfinished MDF Bases are perfect for Gaslands as well as many other miniature games like Warhammer 40k, Dungeons and Dragons, Bolt Action, Kings of War, Warhammer, The Ninth Age Fantasy, to name a few table top RPGs and board games!

Table Top Gaming Accessories make great Gifts for Table Top Gamers looking to expand their collections.

Please be aware that bases might have slight discoloration/marks from the laser cutting process, these are unfinished/cleaned and meant as a base for your DIY projects.

  • Bikes 20mm x 30mm
  • Most vehicles 30mm x 60mm
  • Monster Truck, Tank 40mm x 80mm
  • Bus 40mm x 100mm
  • War Rig CAB: 50mm x 80mm
  • TRAILER: 50mm x 150mm
  • Custom sizes are also available. Contact us with your request and we will add them to the list here

Additional information

Base Size

20mm x 30mm 30pack, 30mm x 60mm 20pack, 40 mm x 90mm 15pack, 40mm x 100mm 15pack, 40mm x 80mm 15pack, 50mm x 150mm 10pack, 50mm x 80mm 15pack


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